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An evocative journey of contrasting emotional landscapes, Emotional Charge unfolds across two panels, “+” and “”.

In “+”, the kinetic elements of the artwork converge at the center with an upward trajectory. This convergence exudes a sense of optimism and vitality, drawing the eye towards an emotional apex. The lines, seemingly in perpetual motion, dance with a frenetic energy, mirroring the heightened emotional states often associated with moments of joy, inspiration, and enthusiasm. The viewer becomes entranced by this magnetic pull towards positivity, their own emotions becoming entwined with the kinetic dynamism of the piece.

Conversely, “-”, takes a different path. The kinetic lines gather at the center in a downward descent. Here, the artwork embodies the weight of emotions marked by introspection, melancholy, or contemplation. The lines, still in fluid motion, evoke a sense of emotional gravity, pulling the observer into a deeper contemplative state. It is as if the artwork captures the essence of emotional release and the act of surrendering to one’s inner thoughts and feelings.


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